Our success factors

Automotive is a high competitive sector. However, AUTOCOMPONENT ENGINEERING-2 is conscious of our competitors' weaknesses.  AUTOCOMPONENT ENGINEERING-2 is going to use our advantage (experience and know how) and to impose our development model in the Russian market.

From our point of view, in Russia the great number of medium and large thermoplastic moulding companies, which inherited from the Soviet times, use methods and quality assurance systems that do not comply with the current requirements of the European market.

Russian companies are still organized according to old patterns. Accordingly it prevents them from being competitive or being capable of responding to the dramatic challenges brought about by the Total Quality Management philosophy, which imposes a smaller number of suppliers, supplier quality control and a closer coordination between the buyer and the supplier based on co-design relationships.

AUTOCOMPONENT ENGINEERING-2 is a recently established company, which merges the competences and organizational skills of its related parties (AV-EL and AUTOCOMPONENT ENGINEERING Italy), and can now offer its costumers a proper level of quality and the capacity to integrate its organizational and manufacturing capabilities by making the best of the new solutions offered by the innovative e-business technologies.